• The Rev Faves 2014 Event with Penningtons and mblm; Wearing Eshakti!


    Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Rev Faves, an annual event hosted by Rev Communications (one of Canada’s top public relations firm), which showcases the works of their many media clients. Penningtons, and their kick*ss younger sister, mblm, were exhibiting at the event, so I was able to take a quick[...]

  • Twin Tuesdays #1: Black & White


    The best thing about my girl Jessica, from Clothes and Shit, is that whenever we get together we seem to get into trouble. I’m not talking about illegal trouble, no nothing like that at all actually! I’m talking about the kind of trouble you get into with your BFF while you[...]

  • My First Fatkini


    Three months ago I tried on my first “Fatkini” and I haven’t looked back since, so when my girl Jessica asked me to the beach for our day in “SOCAL” of course I had to say HELL YEAH! I love the water, as a mermaid should, but only when I can[...]

  • Learning to Love Yourself (While Saying F-You to Others)


       Six, Seven, Eight, years ago I wasn’t the confident woman I am this instant. In a lot of ways I wanted to blend into the crowd, I didn’t want to be noticed, but unfortunately/fortunately for someone who literally towers above most people- it wasn’t truly possible. It helped that[...]

  • California Dreaming


    I’ve never been to California, and while I’d love to go someday it’s really not going to happen for at least a little bit longer, so whenever I want to feel like a “California Girl” (circa the Beach Boys, not KatyPerry) I head to the beach; towels, drinks, snacks and[...]

  • Ice Cream Baby


    This past monday was a seriously fantastic whirlwind! Jessica and I had ourselves a little adventure (TIME!) date and to tell you the truth, I feel like I’m still recovering from it today… which in my mind means the day was incredibly awesome. We started our morning off by- forgetting[...]

  • Butts! (and the FGFS Pop Up Sale!)


    Sunday was such a zoo! I definitely mean the term “zoo” in a completely wonderful, completely positive, fantastic sort of way (no negative feelings here!) First off it was June 1st (Happy June Everyone, but like seriously where did the time go!), secondly it was a super wonderful day out[...]

  • “Double the Trouble”

    Cover Photo

    This past Friday I had the absolute pleasure of spending the day with mega-ultra-wicked-cool babe Jessica, the owner of the wildly excellent fatshion blog Clothes and Shit, and the amount of craziness we got up to was insane! (Jessica and I both think the same way on a lot of topics, including[...]

  • Spot of Tea?


       What I wore (including Make-up and Accessories): “Cut Yourself” Cat eyed Sunglasses: ALDO Black Crochet Cropped Cardigan: AdditionElle (circa 2010-2012) Red Polka Dot “Pin Up” w/Black Details Dress: Hell Bunny via Modcloth Black Skinny Waist Belt: “Thrifted” from another Dress White Apron: Handmade Black Knee High Socks: Sockdreams (If you’ve[...]

  • The Perfect Trench


      As soon as I saw that Your Big Sisters Closet, voted one of the best plus size shops in Toronto by BlogTO!, had this amazing mahou shoujo, magical girl (think Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Revolutionary Girl Utena), trench I knew I needed to have it in my ever growing wardrobe. Not only[...]